Quick tips for building a API using Nancy

Hello! I writing this brief post to help everyone that is using Nancy for the first time to not make the same mistakes that I did. I’m not even remotely interested in covering all possible aspects involved in developing a web application using Nancy, I just thought I’d share some of my mental notes gathered a few months ago. So, here we go.

Defining cross cutting concerns using the MediatR library

Hello! A few months ago I did a freelance gig in which I found myself having trouble to define where exactly to put things like logging, authentication, persistence common logic and so on. These elements are somehow detached from the core business logic and are very similar or exact the same in every application. If you decide to insert them ...

TypeScript + Webpack

Hey, hello! As always, it’s been a long time since I posted. Anyway, probably nobody cares besides me so I just going to straight to the point to be discussed in the post, a simple integration between TypeScript and Webpack.

Resumo do primeiro dia do BrazilJS 2015

Daí pessoal, tudo certo? Resolvi fazer este post com um pequeno resumo das palestras do primeiro dia do BrazilJS 2015. É importante destacar que tudo aqui escrito vem da minha experiência do evento e de tudo aquilo que pude absorver e/ou achei interessante o bastante para comentar.

Using dependency injection in MongoDB CSharp Driver

Hello! So, it seems that I delayed once again new posts in here. Since I promisse to no one that I need to post here on regular basis I dont think that I need to apologize, hehe (just kidding). So, as the title says I here to talk a little about dependency injection and post a code snippet about using DI on MongoDB CSharp Driver basic classes...