Free space on Raspberry Pi

I have been using a 16GB SD card (I know, could be larger) in a Raspberry Pi for a few years now and never had a problem but recently I started working in a side project and decided to use Docker on this Pi. Because of this I almost filled the SD card in just a few months.

In this post I’m going to give you a few commands that should ...

Live reload in .NET Core

This week I was looking for a way to do live reloading in ASP.NET Core projects.

Don’t judge me but I actually never cared that much about live reloading, I lived life in a constant state of stopping and starting applications every after a few changes. What changed is that after working with React for a few months I really liked the i...

Omegle clone using SignalR

A few days ago I was looking through SignalR and I had the idea to build an Omegle clone. The Omegle one-on-one random chat have a good fit with SignalR, so I decided to try it.

Bulk inserting data into SQL Server using C#

In the last few days I had a question: what is the most fastest method to bulk insert data into a SQL Server database using C#? I decided to gather up all methods that I could find and do a very simple performance test to decide which one is the fastest.

SonarQube configuration tutorial

This post will be a simple tutorial to install, configure and use SonarQube to analyse your project code quality. This tutorial will be directed to C# and JavaScript projects in a Windows environment.