Null propagator operator on C# 6.0

Hello again! Today I going to talk briefly about a specific feature from the next version of C#: the not so new null propagator operator. Yes, its been awhile since C# 6 was announced but I want to talk about this, so you cant do anything to stop me! The main reason I talking about this its because since I saw the


Hello! So, here I am again! Sorry for the delay, almost 2 months since I last posted here. Anyway, I here today to talk about CORS and JSONP. Basically I will introduce the terms and cite some implementation examples using JavaScript and ASP.NET WebAPI (because I am a .NET fan, of course!).

Solve a simple problem during RabbitMQ setup in Windows


Hello World!

Bem vindo ao meu blog. Pretendo postar, como o título do blog diz, assuntos relacionados a novas tecnologias e meu dia-a-dia no TI.