Solve a simple problem during RabbitMQ setup in Windows


Hello! So, for you that dont know what is exactly RabbitMQ, let me briefly explain before anything else: RabbitMQ is a framework that provides a messaging system based on the AMQP standard (click here to know more).

Considering my experience developing Microsoft solutions today I got interested in learn how to use EasyNetQ, a .NET API implementation for RabbitMQ. Before trying to do anything using EasyNetQ I start following the Quick Start Guide for EasyNetQ and had some problems. This post focus on those problems and describes a simple way to solve them.

First you just need to follow the previously cited Quick Start Tutorial clicking here.

If you follow this tutorial carefully everything will run smoothly but if you are like me maybe you pass through the same problems. At first I was struggling trying to find a way to install the management plugin, a plugin that provides a nice web interface where you can manage your server queues. So, after awhile, I discover that I need to run the following command (using cmd):

This command need to be executed pointing to the ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\RabbitMQ Server\rabbitmq_server-version\sbin’ folder. But, for some reason, I cant seem to access my interface presumably located in http://localhost:15647. After spending some time I found and run a rabbitmq-server.bat located in the sbin folder, where I finally can see my error:

For some reason RabbitMQ cant seem to know that MYHOST need to be translated to localhost/ resulting in a server shutdown. To solve this particular problem I just needed to run the following command in cmd:

After that I run this command in the sbin folder:

After that my server starts succesfully and I finally can use the EasyNetQ!

So, thats it! If you have any questions you are free to ask in the commentary box below.

Have a nice day!

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