TypeScript + Webpack

Hey, hello! As always, it’s been a long time since I posted. Anyway, probably nobody cares besides me so I just going to straight to the point to be discussed in the post, a simple integration between TypeScript and Webpack.

Resumo do primeiro dia do BrazilJS 2015

Daí pessoal, tudo certo? Resolvi fazer este post com um pequeno resumo das palestras do primeiro dia do BrazilJS 2015. É importante destacar que tudo aqui escrito vem da minha experiência do evento e de tudo aquilo que pude absorver e/ou achei interessante o bastante para comentar.

Using dependency injection in MongoDB CSharp Driver

Hello! So, it seems that I delayed once again new posts in here. Since I promisse to no one that I need to post here on regular basis I dont think that I need to apologize, hehe (just kidding). So, as the title says I here to talk a little about dependency injection and post a code snippet about using DI on MongoDB CSharp Driver basic classes.

Null propagator operator on C# 6.0

Hello again! Today I going to talk briefly about a specific feature from the next version of C#: the not so new null propagator operator. Yes, its been awhile since C# 6 was announced but I want to talk about this, so you cant do anything to stop me! The main reason I talking about this its because since I saw the proposal for implementing the operator in C# I really liked and hoped that Microsoft implement, and he did it! In the latest Visual Studio 2014 CTP version the operator was there and of course I looked. Veredict: tested and approved!


Hello! So, here I am again! Sorry for the delay, almost 2 months since I last posted here. Anyway, I here today to talk about CORS and JSONP. Basically I will introduce the terms and cite some implementation examples using JavaScript and ASP.NET WebAPI (because I am a .NET fan, of course!).