Omegle clone using SignalR

A few days ago I was looking through SignalR and I had the idea to build an Omegle clone. The Omegle one-on-one random chat have a good fit with SignalR, so I decided to try it.

Talking about my implementation in more detail, the two most important parts of my application are the SignalR Hub call ChatHub and the chat.js file where I added SignalR hub client connection code.

In ChatHub the methods OnConnected and OnDisconnected were overridden from the Hub base class so I could add logic for when a new user connects to chat with someone or when disconnects (abruptly or not). Every connection is stored in a static variable Chats that are going to be deleted in case the application closes. I also created a Send method for when an user sends a message to the other user.

The Send method just gets the other user and sends the message to him calling the receiveMessage. This method will be declared in the client, chat.js.

The chat.js is responsible for handling all client logic for connecting and disconnecting from the chat or sending and receiving messages. Every time you send a message your name is showed to you as “You” and “Stranger” to the other party just like Omegle and if you or your partner disconnect from the chat a message appears suggesting to begin a new chat.

Now, a screenshot showing the chat running:


If you want to get access to the source code please go to OmegleR GitHub repository.

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